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The dermatology is a classical field of medicine. It deals with skin diseases and it is closely related to internal medicine issues.

Approximately 20% of patients of a general practitioner (GP) suffer from any skin disease.

The venereology focuses on the prevention and treatment of venereal diseases.

As regards both the area and the weight, the skin is the biggest organ of the human body. On average it covers the area of 1.75 m2 and weighs from eighteen to twenty kilograms. Its basic function consists in creating a protective sheath, which represents a barrier between the internal and external environment. It is interconnected with other organs thanks to vessels and nerves and it participates in a number of processes inside the body.

At present these diseases are occurring more and more frequently: various eczematous diseases, drug rash, infectious diseases – fungal and viral ones, venous diseases, skin tumours... Other frequent disorders are psoriasis, acne and hair diseases. Dermatology is closely related to other fields too – the allergology, immunology, surgery, vascular surgery, aesthetic surgery, rheumatology... Cooperation among specialists when taking care of a patient is a common phenomenon.

As in any other field, the prophylaxis – i.e. prevention of diseases – is of immense importance.

Our healthcare facility offers skin examination, preventive examination of pigment formations focused on preventing skin tumours, skin care consulting, cosmetology consulting and interventions of aesthetic dermatology.